It all starts here

Prepare for hours spent deep in academic discussion with a world-class tutor, days spent exploring world-class museums and attractions, and weeks spent forging lifelong friendships. Step into the shoes of an Oxbridge student, and discover everything the cities have to offer. It all starts here. Get started today and arrive on your course ready to delve into it.

Develop knowledge to enhance your journey with us

  • Academic readiness

    Prepare for the teaching style used on your course – from Oxford-style tutorials to project based learning

  • Self-reflection

    Reflect on your personal areas for improvement and academic goals to get the most out of your in-person learning experience

  • Bridgemark cities and institutions

    Learn about on-course travel, including a preview of the top-rated attractions and world-class cities you could visit

Engaging sessions on academic readiness, opportunities for self-reflection and preparation, and an understanding of student life in the UK - all before you step into a classroom. With content specially tailored to your course, begin your learning adventure with Oxford Summer Courses Foundations so you’re fully prepared on Day 1.

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